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Air Zinger
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Air Zinger
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Stock:  Yes
Item#:  RO50022
Price:  US $45.60


Just another cool robotic toy from OWI. AIR ZINGER Robot kit will blow you away! Building on air technology, OWI has created a robot kit that can inhale or blast out a ball (included) through its cannon like loader. Zigging and zagging is no problem with its wired controller. You can easily move forward, backward, left and right. What is amazing, is the whirl wind effect you create when you activate Air Zinger's wind magnum propeller. When the propeller is activated to retrieve the ball, it is like watching a Largemouth bass inhale its lunch. On command, its special compartment stores the ball and launches it. It's all about full-throttle competition; who can beat whom? You can create your own games, tournaments, and rules.

Quick and easy to assemble, this clever little robot is hard to resist. Children love to build. The kit challenges cognitive skills, help develop fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination. It is the perfect gift for anyone aged 14 or older.

Power Source: AA battery x 4 pieces (not included)
Power consumption: Max approx. 900mA (all 3 motors operating)

Battery duration: Approx. 2.5 hrs averaging at 550mA (continuous operation average)

Size: Body W135 x H130 X D200 mm | Controller W95 x H126 x D31 mm (wire 2cm)


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