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Thames & Kosmos
Chem C101
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Chem C101
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Item#:  CH1037
Price:  US $28.50

Sign up for CHEM C101 and embark on an introductory excursion through the action-packed world of chemical substances and reactions!

Learn about reactions between solids, liquids and gases with bubbling brews. Discover the colorful effects of acids and alkalis. Lather up in experiments with soap and hard water. Perform astonishing chemical reaction "magic" tricks for your friends and family. Pump some iron with a brilliant blue indicator.

Write secret messages in disappearing ink. Investigate metals and salts in electrifying electrochemical experiments. Learn for yourself how chemistry goes far beyond textbooks and laboratories, to explain occurrences that happen all around us, every day.

A full-color, 32-page Experiment Manual introduces young chemists first-hand to the basics of chemistry through 30 simple and engaging experiments.  Ages 10 and up.


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