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DC/AC and Power Supplies Course
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DC/AC and Power Supplies
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Item#:  EL40051
Price:  US $105.00

This course teaches the fundamentals of direct and alternating current including how they are generated, distributed, stored and measured.  The student learns about magnetism, motors and the generation of electric current including how batteries convert chemical energy into electrical energy.  They will also learn about capacitors, coils, transformers and diodes and about voltage regulation and power supplies.

Lessons Include:  AC/DC - The Fundamentals, Direct Current - How it is Produced, Alternating Current - How it is Produced, Transformers, Diodes, Capacitors, Voltage Regulation, The Complete Power Supply

Activities Involve:  Transformers, Diodes as rectifiers, Capacitors, Voltage Dividers and Voltage Regulators, Bleeder Resistor and Dual-Polarity Power Supply.

Package Includes:  Course Manual, Student Study Guide, Course 2 Experiment Parts, 5/9 Volt Regulated Power Supply Kit, Burglar Alarm Kit, 9V Variable Power Supply Kit, LED Blinker Kit


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