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DNA Model With Paint
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DNA Model With Paint
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Stock:  8
Item#:  CH656
Price:  US $95.75

The model is constructed from only six different molecular parts and depicts 16 nucleotide pairís worth of DNA (8 AT 8 GC pairs). The base pairs are manufactured in a single plastic piece as are the sugar and phosphate units.  Because there are only nine molecular parts per nucleotide pair which snap together by means of a pop-it bead mechanism, the model can be easily assembled. The model is unpainted and may be painted by students in a 5-6  hour period.

A laboratory exercise and problem set accompany the model. After completing the laboratory exercise and problem set, students will have a better understanding of the aspects of the structure, function, and properties of DNA.

Model Demonstrates:


∑ Anti-parallel DNA strands

∑ 20 Nucleotide Pairs / Revolution

∑ 5" and 3" Ends of DNA Strands


Features of Model:


∑ Convenient scale: 1cm = 1A

∑ Stained base

∑ Plastic Opaque Stand

∑ 24" high x 8" wide

∑ Easy to assemble

∑ Pop bead connections

∑ Only 6 different molecular parts











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