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Solid State - Amplifiers and Oscillators Course
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Solid State - Amplifiers and Oscillators Course
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Item#:  EL40052
Price:  US $95.00

This course covers the fundamentals of analog electronics and how current can be controlled and regulated using solid state components.  Students study how a transistor works as an amplifier and about the operation of solid state audio amplifier systems.  They will study oscillator circuits, the unijunction transistor and the fundamentals of radio communication systems.  Upon completion of this course, they will have acquired a sound knowledge of solid state amplifier and oscillator circuits and some experience in troubleshooting and construction.

Lessons Include:  Regulating Electrical Current - Vaccuum Tubes and Transistors, Transistors as amplifiers, Audio Amplifying System, Transistors in Oscillators, Oscillator Applications

Activities Include the Assembly of:  Transistor Checker, Transistorized Light Meter, Audio Amplifier, Audio Oscillator, Songbird Synthesizer

Package Includes:  Course Manual, Student Study Guide, Course 3 Experiment Parts, Motor Speed Control Kit, Amplifier/Intercom Kit, Hidden Tormentor Kit


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