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Digital Electronics Course
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Digital Electronics Course
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Item#:  EL40053
Price:  US $110.00

In this course, students will learn about digital electronics, microprocessors and computers.  They will learn how integrated circuits are manufactured and will study the various integrated circuit packages and families.  They will investigate the operation of logic circuits and find out how logic gates are used to perform digital operations.  They will learn about clock circuits, multivibrators, timers, flip flops, counting circuits, sequential generators and learn about the binary number system.  They will examine the operation of delay, comparator and memory circuits and learn how to program a RAM chip.

Lessons Include:  Integrated Circuits, Electronic Logic Circuits, Clocks, Timers and Fli-Flops, Digital Counting Circuits, Advanced Timers and an Introduction to Computer Circuits

Activities Involve:  AND and NAND Logic Gates, OR and NOR Logic Gates, Clocks and Timers, The BCD Decade Counter, Sequence Generator and Seven Segment Decoder

Package Includes: Course Manual, Student Study Guide, Course 4 Experiment Parts, Audible Continuity Tester Kit, Mr. Circuit 2 Digital Lab, Logic Probe Kit, Digital Dice Kit


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