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Communications and Analog Electronics Course
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Communications and Analog Electronics Course
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Item#:  EL40054
Price:  US $90.00

This course introlduces students to the construction and analysis of analog circuits and communication systems.  The first seven lessons are an in-depth study of the algebraic laws governing the passive and active components used in analog circuits.  Students will breadboard a six-transistor AM radio receiver, perform circuit analysis and do trouble-shooting and alignment excercises using test equipment while studying the theory of operation of each stage.  Students will learn to use an oscilloscope, function generator, RF generator and a digital multimeter.  Upon completion of this course, students will have the ability to measure frequency, response, distortion, output power, frequency and voltage of an AC signal, and transistor bias voltage.  They will be able to calculate amplifier gain, alignment of band-pass transformers, and current consumed in a circuit.

Lessons Include:  Theory of Resistance and Ohm's Law, How to Use a Multimeter, Measuring and Calculating Resistance, Theory of Alternating Current and Capacitors, Theory of Coils and Transformers, Theory of Diodes, Theory of Transistors, Audio Amplifiers, Radio Communication system and Superheterodyne Receiver, Detector and Automatic Control Gain Stage, IF Amplifier Stage, The RF Amplifier/Converter (Mixer) Stage

Activites Include:  Preparing the Breadboard, Wiring the Power Buss, Wiring the Audio Amplifier, Breadboarding the Detector Stage, Breadboarding the RF Converter Stage, Breadboarding the First IF Amplifier Stage, Breadboarding the Second IF Amplifier Stage

Package Includes:  Course Manual, Student Study Guide, Breadboard Parts and Wood, AM Radio Components, Microphone Kit, FM Transmitter Kit


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