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Advanced Digital and Operational Amplifiers Course
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Advanced Digital and Operational Amplifiers Course
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Item#:  EL40055
Price:  US $195.00

With this course, students will learn to analyze, design and troubleshoot digital circuits.  They will assemble the EKI Digital Trainer, a digital electronics laboratory which will enable the students to construct a large number of digital circuits.  Upon completion of this course, students will have acquired a solid knowledge of digital design, analysis and circuit repair

Lessons Include:  Survey of the EKI Digital Trainer, Digital Logic Circuits and Boolean Equations, Operational Amplifiers, Experimenting with the EKI Digital Trainer, Flip Flops, Counters

Activities Involve:  AND and NAND Logic Gates, OR and NOR Logic Gates, Clocks and Timers, The BCD Decade Counter, Sequence Generator and Seven Segment Decoder

Package Includes:  Course Manual, Student Study Guide, Course 6 Experiment Parts, EKI Digital Trainer Kit, Digital Training Mounting Hardware, Pocket Dice Kit, Power Blaster Color Organ Kit, Digital Slot Machine Kit, Large Solderless Breadboard


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