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Effects of Toxic Chemicals on Cells
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Effects of Toxic Chemicals on Cells
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Item#:  BI3002
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Investigate the impact of hazardous chemicals on cell morphology

Your students will assess the various types and levels of abnormalities which may arise in cells following exposure to cytotoxins. Mouse L929 cells are grown on coverslips in the presence of both low and high levels of colchicine. Each student will stain and mount the cells and observe with a microscope the effects of the toxin on cell morphology. Then they’ll compare these aberrant morphologies with those of untreated cells. The lab provides a practical introduction to the field of in vitro toxicology and its importance in biomedical research and environmental science. Cells provided are attached on coverslips and fixed with methanol for completely safe use. Lab includes CELLServ PowerPoint Presentation—“Toxocology and Toxicity Testing”.


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