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Investigating & Applying Genetics
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Investigating & Applying Genetics
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Item#:  BI6008
Price:  US $62.50

This kit is complete for 32 students and is reusable 
Students build their understanding of selective breeding for desired traits in crops such as corn. They investigate the outcomes of crosses of hybrid and dihybrid corn plants for two unlinked genetic traits: corn kernel color and sweetness. They use Punnett squares to predict the ratio of phenotypes that will be produced by different crosses and analyze the actual ratio of phenotypes of the second generation offspring. A reading describes traditional selective breeding and modern genetic engineering approaches to improving crops. This kit is complete for 32 students and is reusable.


Understand genotype and phenotype

Understand the pattern and mechanism of inheritance for Mendelian traits

Investigate independent assortment of unlinked traits

  16 Lab-Aids Corn Ear A
  16 Lab-Aids Corn Ear B
  16 Lab-Aids Corn Ear C
  16 Lab-Aids Corn Ear D
  1 Color Transparency 1,
  1 Color Transparency 2,
  32 Student Activity Worksheet & Guide -Part 1
  32 Student Activity Worksheet & Guide -Part 2
  32 Reading: Breeding Crops with Desirable Traits
  1 Instruction Manual

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