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Metabolism Experiment
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Metabolism Experiment
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Stock:  2
Item#:  BI6002
Price:  US $47.50
An excellent introduction to the metabolic process! This kit introduces students to the study of metabolism by measuring the rate of oxygen consumption of small organisms, such as insects, snails, worms and germinating seeds. Using Patented* Lab-Aids® Metabolism Chambers, students observe the organisms (not included) and draw correlations between size of an organism, the temperature of the environment and oxygen consumption. They are also asked to calculate an organism’s respiratory rate in cubic cm of oxygen per kg per hour, measure total gas change in a closed environment and determine an organism’s metabolic relationship to total gas in a closed environment. This very interesting Lab-Aid includes two unbreakable chambers large enough for small animals and plants (13x5cm). One is used to measure the organism’s oxygen consumption; the other serves as a control. Students receive valuable practice in recording and retaining experimental data.

Scientific Concepts/Processes

• Observe small organisms and correlate between size of organism, temperature of environment, and oxygen consumption

• Observe small organisms and correlate between size of organism,

• Measure rate of oxygen consumption of small organisms

• Measure total gas change in a closed environment

• Utilize controlled experiments to understand the metabolic process

This kit is complete for 10 students.

  2 LAB-AIDS® Metabolism chambers
  2 latticed organism holders with (4) plastic retainers
  2 calibrated capillary tubes each with a connecting tube
  1 vial colored Index solution
  1 bottle Carbon dioxide absorbent (Potassium hydroxide pellets)
  1 forceps
  10 Student Data Charts
  1 Instruction Manual with MSDS


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