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Neo/SCI Population Genetics and Evolution Lab Investigation
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Neo/SCI Population Genetics and Evolution Lab Investigation
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Item#:  BI4084
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Collect and analyze data of readily observed genetic traits!

Your students will determine the phenotype, genotype and frequency of easily observed human traits. Then they'll identify the dominant and recessive genes for each trait. With the class as a sample population, your students will use a variety of taste test papers to determine the percentage of individuals who can detect a unique taste. They'll then apply the Hardy-Weinberg Principle to calculate the allele frequencies for this trait and compare their class data with an ideal population. In the second part of this lab investigation, your students will use allele cards to model allele frequency change in an ideal population; model a population on which selection is acting; study an example of heterozygote advantage; and investigate the result of genetic drift. The investigation includes detailed coverage of natural selection, the Hardy-Weinberg equation and other related topics to better prepare your students for the AP final exam.


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