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Nucleic Acid Molecular Structure
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Nucleic Acid Molecular Structure
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Item#:  BI6006
Price:  US $65.75
Material is reusable 
In this engaging Lab-Aid students model nucleic acids which are the largest molecules found in living organisms.

It is an excellent compliment to The Molecular Model of DNA and its Replication (Lab-Aids No. 71).

In this activity, the basic components of RNA and DNA are constructed. Students build the nucleotide which is composed of three parts: a five-carbon sugar, a phosphoric acid derivative called phosphate and a substance known as a nitrogen base. The parts are then linked together

to form a DNA model.

Scientific Concepts/Processes

Construct 3-dimensional models of basic components of RNA and DNA

Build nucleotides, link them and form a DNA model

12 complete sets of molecular model components are provided.

   8 packages containing:
  10 Carbon tetrahedral centers-black
  5 Nitrogen tetrahedral centers-red
  11 Oxygen tetrahedral centers-blue
  1 Phosphorous tetrahedral center-purple
  19 Hydrgen single electron atoms-white
  49 Covalent electron bonds
  36 Student Worksheets and Guides
  1 Instruction Manual


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