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Restriction Enzyme Cleavage of DNA and Electophoresis Lab Investigation
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Restriction Enzyme Cleavage of DNA and Electophoresis Lab Investigation
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Item#:  BI4076
Price:  US $96.00


Learn the critical role restriction enzymes play in genetic engineering using an easy-to-follow electrophoresis protocol.

Study the techniques used in separating and identifying DNA fragments by using DNA restricted with a variety of enzymes. Your students will plot a standard curve of measured migration distance against the known actual base pair size for each band. They will then use this data to determine the size of unknown fragments based upon their migration distance on the gel. In the process, your class will learn the function of restriction enzymes, their use in creating recombinant organisms and their overall importance in genetic engineering. For ease of use, the investigation includes pre-digested DNA, ready for electrophoresis, and a highly sensitive and safe DNA stain which provides quick results. Includes comprehensive coverage of the principles and practice of electrophoresis.


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