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Simulated Diabetes Testing
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Simulated Diabetes Testing
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Item#:  BI4018
Price:  US $54.50


Use simulated Neo/BLOOD and simulated urine to learn about this increasingly common disease

 More than 18 million Americans have diabetes while another 20 million are in a pre-diabetic state. Your students will investigate the disease, including its types, causes, symptoms, and treatment options. Provided with several medical histories and simulated Neo/BLOOD and urine samples, they’ll perform a series of standard diagnostic tests. Based upon their diagnosis and the patient’s medical history, they will be challenged to construct a plan for managing the individual’s condition. The class will also take a “diabetes risk test” to assess their own potential for developing the disease. Your students will - • Study the types, causes, symptoms and treatments for diabetes • Perform standard diagnostic tests on a fictional patient using simulated blood and urine samples • Diagnose the patient based upon the test results and their medical history • Develop a plan for managing the patient’s condition


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