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Transportation Set
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Transportation Set
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Stock:  1
Item#:  EM1002
Price:  US $110.00

Grades: 3-6
The Transportation set is an excellent set to introduce kids to the K'NEX spatial building system. It is perfect for initial building experiences in a small group or after-school setting. Build 44 models of varying complexity from activity cards with background information about the vehicles' origin, purpose and function.

  Key Concepts
  • Land: trucks, race cars, horse and wagons, work vehicles, motorcycles, trains, busses
  • Air: ultralights, hot air balloons, airships, helicopters, planes
  • Sea: rafts, catamarans, airboats, submarines, sailboats, Viking ships, ocean liners, clipper ships, riverboats
  • Space: space planes, rockets, space probes, moon rovers, spacer shuttles, radar stations, lunar motion of objects
Educators guide is divided into four sections - one each for land, air, sea and space travel. This allows each to function as a stand-alone unit or to be plugged into a corresponding topic or unit.


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